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Our Process

We Implement a Very Simple Process

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You can plan manually or in an automatic way

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The inspection is performed by you or by our auditors

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You can check the results in real time

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Our Innovative platform


We support your inspections and audits. From our all-inclusive audit package to simply licensing of our technology platform CHECKS©

Web Platform

CHECKS© Web Platform

Our Platform

All inspections, information and actions plans in one place, to manage and share the with the stakeholders.

Our Solution

You can access the platform from anywhere and from every device. And have access to your Customizable dashboard, the Simple planning tool, the Real-time results, the Personalized reports and all is Connected with your own system.


Customizable Dashboard

Create your KPIs, customize your reports and CHECKS© will adapt to your analysis needs thanks to a powerful reporting module with the use of the best BI technology.


Planning Tool

You can plan your inspections in a simple way, from an annual,  monthly or a daily view.
You can do it manually or in an automatic way based on your own rules.


Results in Real Time

CHECKS© allows you to immediately view each piece of evidence and each audited element.
At the moment that our APP collects the information, it will be visible in our platform.

Mobile App

CHECKS© Mobile App

Our App

Very simple and with a friendly user interface. The person in charge can access to the calendar with inspections to be carried out, checklists with integrated with the guide to facilitate the application of requested criteria.

Our Solution

It is functional in off-line mode and update the data when connection is available collection of evidence (GPS, photos, videos) that cannot be manipulated.

Mobile App

We’re Delivering The Best Customer Experience

For the financial services industry, wholesale asset finance and floorplan auditing solutions are essential to ensure compliance, reduce risk and maximize profits.


We at TKS USA are leaders in stock and standards audits for the asset financing, offering financial companies the best expertise in terms of auditing and monitoring their assets.


We create a seamless audit process by combining an extensive network of auditors for field inspections with our CHECKS platform, which provides an automated platform for assessing asset finance and floorplan audits.